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The Biggest Problem in America

People over 40 are in worse shape than any time in this or the last century. Obesity, depression, health problems, and inactivity are common. Health clubs and trendy diets don't work for long. 

The Solution is Right There at Home! 


The 1 Minute, No Pain, No Sweat Workout Program

I've devised nearly 300 exercises and drills to help you look and feel better starting Today.  They take place at home, at work, in the park, even in the bed & bathroom. Best of all, NONE of them last more than 1 minute, with no sweat, agony, or even changing clothes. But they WILL get your metabolism moving.


Your Success is Our Goal

Jack Lalanne was the greatest  fitness advisor who ever lived. His program of exercise, weight lifting, and healthy eating helped him and thousands of men and women live well into their 90's, with FULL ACTIVE LIVES. The Fit290 Plan gets you started by looking better and feeling better. It's starts with 1 minute exercises so easy that we call them "Warmercises". And combined with 4-6 small meals a day, you can have a new look and attitude starting TODAY.

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